This is a seasonal Ale from Widmer Bros. Brewing Co. in Portland, OR. available from August thru October.  Avoiding this beer is why bears hibernate.

Just the facts:

Bottle temp at opening: 38 degrees.

Drinking temp: 39 degrees

Nose: deceivingly crisp.

Taste: like someone crumbled one of those pink pencil erasers into my mouth..

Rating: 3 bottles out of 6

I gave this a 3 star rating because frankly, as intentional as this bitter taste is, it must really appeal to some folks.  Those folks aren't me.  I've had my share of hoppy fiascos on this road to broadening my beer horizons, but this guy just couldn't find a home in my mouth.  Like I said in the 'facts' it is really crisp at the nose, and I was expecting a burst of flavor.  But it was so tight all I got was the physical reaction to the hops, and not much taste.  Then it left that pencil-lead feel on my tongue.  Probably exactly what they were going for?

But a beer this specialized is lost on me, Mr. Macro-brew.