Back before he was a convicted child molester, Jared Fogle inspired a lot of people to lose weight. Apparently he's still inspirational to some people, specifically scumbags.

43-year-old Marc Miller has been living at a nudist colony about 30 miles north of Phoenix, Arizona. Just to be clear, I'm not calling nudists scumbags. By all means, play as much naked croquet as you want.

But Marc is a terrible person because he got busted for child pornography on Tuesday. When the cops asked why he was downloading the photos, he said he got into it after he saw Jared get arrested last year.

To be clear, he wasn't just researching child pornography for academic reasons or something. He was downloading the photos and also sharing them. He didn't molest anyone like Jared did, but he's facing charges for sexual exploitation of a minor.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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