I almost forgot that the NHL Pre-Season was scheduled to start yesterday.  I've been too bust thinking about how to juggle my desire to diligently follow The Cubs, while the NFL and College Football seasons have just begun.  I'm already wearing out the "back" button on my remote!  Now, The NHL is underway and their pre-season is short so the first day of the regular season is in like 2 weeks ...I'm still hoping to be watching baseball at that point!   Throw in the new NBA season for my "LaMarcus Aldridge-era Spurs"  and I'm gonna need more TV's.

This is a pretty cool time of the year.  I used to think that March as the best month for sports, but I may have to change my mind.  OK, I gotta go ... there's 2 or 3 games on I wanna see again tonight.