This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Quad City Air Show at the Davenport Airport, it could also be the last year for the staple QCA event.

Organizers will be taking a year off in 2017 to take a look at whether or not to continue holding the show at the airport. According to Ken Hopper, they will be looking at other venue proposals.

Alderman Bill Boom had this to say about the situation: "He is asking for a lot of stuff. He wants the city to build him a hangar. We tried to meet every request. It is difficult to build a hangar for an air show when we have to release employees because of a tight budget. If that's his final, it looks like we don't have an air show in 2017."

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Hopper put out this letter regarding the Air Show:

After Thirty years of producing a World Class Aviation Event, I have decided to take 2017 off and reevaluate if we want to continue holding our annual event at the Davenport Municipal Airport. Three decades ago I decided to hold the Quad City Air Show at the Davenport Municipal Airport because this was the airport I rode my bicycle to when I was a young boy, I used to hang out on the fence and watch in awe as airplanes were taking off and landing.

When we held our first air show, the airport was old, baron and had little to no activity at all and I remember grass over one foot high in the middle of the runway, it reminded me of the Little Red Engine. We set out to hold an event that was second to none, one that everyone wanted to be apart of with the goal of highlighting the importance of Airports, Aviation, a well deserved salute to the greatest military in the world – The United States Armed Forces and showcase the great Quad Cities.

We are proud that we have for going on Three Decades produced an event that is recognized as one of the TOP THREE AIR SHOWS in the Industry and our 2011 Air Show was rated Number one by the United States Navy.

With all of this success comes some reservations, as we helped establish the Davenport Airport on the Aviation Map, hosted the incredible United States Navy Blue Angels, United States Army Golden Knights, United States Air Force Thunderbirds, Canadian Snowbirds and every single ship military demonstration at the Quad City Air Show over the past Three Decades, the support from the Davenport Airport has slipped. We now have no facility to operate out of, no hangar to store the priceless and rare performer aircraft, the City has increased our fees and had us spend thousands more to raise our liability insurance and in 2017 we will not have a main runway to use for the air show.

Therefore, we have decided to hold the 30th Quad City Air Show on June 25-26, 2016 and then take 2017 off, review the other airport proposals that I have received to move the Quad City Air Show to another Midwest airport, that quite frankly wants to invest in the air show and make it bigger and also provide us a permanent home.

I would love to continue holding this annual event in 2018 at the Davenport Municipal Airport, build a World Class Aviation Museum and continue to showcase year-around the importance of Airports, Aviation and have the incredible Blue Angels and Thunderbirds again filling the skies over the great Quad Cities, but first the City needs to realize that we are a valuable entity and event, an event that has attracted millions of people to the City, County, State and regional area, has been a $20M dollar annual economic impact, which is over $600M in thirty years.

The Quad City Air Show has made it possible for many Quad Citians to reach for the stars as many local residents were inspired by the Quad City Air Show and have become Naval Aviators, Air Force Pilots, airline pilots, executives in the aviation industry and so much more. That is why events like the Quad City Air Show need and rely on the support of the local governmental as well as corporate donations to be able to hold this annual event.

If it were not for the Quad City Times, we would most likely not have the BIX 7 and the same is true for the John Deere Classic, if Deere & Company had not stepped up and became the major sponsor of that world class golf tournament, we would have lost that event as well.

Please come out on June 25-26, 2016 and support the 30th Quad City Air Show, we need your support, corporate support and the support of the City of Davenport. Please tell every company you know, get behind the air show and finally please explain to the elected officials of Davenport, “Get BEHIND the Air Show or it is gone”

The Quad City Air Show needs the community’s support to be able to continue, please reach out to the Air Show and together we can develop a sponsorship package to keep the “SOUND of FREEDOM” flying over the Quad Cities.