back 3 years ago, Yesterday's date, the band R.E.M called it quits after 31 years.  It was amicable, it was low-key, and it was genuine.  Michael Stipe said .."the important thing about attending a good party is knowing when to leave..."   Yup, it was a pretty good party.

There have been so many great bands from that part of Georgia (B-52's, Black Crowes, Collective Soul, Georgia Satellites, Widespread Panic, Outkast, Drivin' n Cryin' ... and more) but R.E.M. was the best.  They had enough patience to wait 6 years before hitting it big nationally, and they had enough talent to last well beyond their 31 years.  When Greg Dwyer put them at the top of his list of "..bands he'd like to see re-unite...",  I couldn't have agreed more.  Today R.E.M. fans, I salute you!