Sometimes on the show, we or listeners will make reference to slang or innuendos that we just assume everybody knows... Last Friday we went over one listener's head during our "I can't believe I saw..." segment and she was nice enough to email us about it.

First listen to the segment that aired:

Now, here is the email we got from Tessa:

Dear 2 Dorks,
I listen to your show every Friday at the beginning of my work week and had a funny story I thought I'd share that occurred when I was listening today.

Let me just start out by saying, I am not an unintelligent person by any means, I just have my moments and today I had been running on little sleep so I wasn't all there. I was listening to the segment where you had people calling in and telling you some of the weirdest things they'd seen, one in particular had caught my attention. The guy spanking his monkey in a convenient store parking lot.

I listened to the whole story with a straight face, the entire time just thinking to myself. When it was over, I continued to think and wonder about the story I had just heard. About 3 minutes passed and I turned to my co-worker and said " OOOOOHHH, spanking his monkey, he meant beating his meat, right?" Everyone lost it.

The entire time that lead up to my "AHA" moment, I just kept thinking about that poor monkey and what he'd done to deserve to be beaten by his owner, then wondering what happened to the abused monkey once the cops arrived, maybe he'd gone to the zoo, or a monkey sanctuary. I also wondered why this man even owned a monkey, or If it was even legal to own one, so many thoughts going through my head. We laughed about this all day and I'm sure we will continue to the entire weekend.

Thanks for such a great show, it always brightens up my mornings!