The longer the Cubs are in the hunt, the more thoughts I'll have to share.  But last night, the Cardinals increased their chances of winning this next series by confirming that Yadier Molina will be on the roster and will try to play with a splint on his hand.

This is not good news for Cubs fans.  Yadier Molina could be on crutches in the batters box, with one arm in a sling, but with the bat in the other hand STILL knock in a game-tying or game-winning run against the Cubs !!!  It's ridiculous!  Granted, I wasn't around here 30 or 40 years ago, but he's the biggest "Cub-Killer" I've ever seen since becoming a dedicated fan.

So here we go tonight!   Who's gonna win...?  No predictions, just hopes.

(Dilip Vishwanat, Getty Images Sports)