The first round of the NFL draft went down last night, offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil was supposed to go as high as #3 but he ended up falling to the Miami Dolphins at #13, thanks to a bong hit.

Just 13 minutes before the draft was supposed to start, a video was posted on Tunsil's Twitter account showing him smoking a bong out of a gas mask. Both the video and the account were deleted shortly afterward.

Tunsil says his account was hacked, apparently by someone who wanted to sabotage him. That's not a stretch, even the stupidest person in the world wouldn't post this video as they're literally in the audience at the draft. He later admitted that smoking pot in the video was a "mistake," and that it happened "years ago." He's passed all his recent drug tests, and says, "I promise to work hard on and off the field."


There's talk that Tunsil's stepfather was the one who hacked his account, because they are not on good terms. He told TMZ he had nothing to do with it.