Kay Brown, a 26-year-old in New York was riding the subway home from work last Monday, when she saw a homeless woman in her bare feet.

So she asked what size she wears, found out they wear the same size, and gave her the shoes off her own feet.

She says they were her favorite pair, but she couldn't let someone walk around in their bare feet in the middle of November. Plus, she can afford to buy new shoes, and the woman she gave them to couldn't.

Kay ended up walking about six blocks in her socks to get home. But a random guy who saw what she did said it inspired him, so he gave her a clean pair of his gym socks to wear over hers. She says a bunch of friends have texted her to say it inspired them to volunteer over the holidays.

A homeless, mentally handicapped women got on the subway BAREFOOT. No socks, shoes or anything. I asked her what shoe...

Posted by Kay Brown on Monday, November 16, 2015