There's a new wearable device that tells you when you need to POOP. I know what you're thinking: Do we really need wearable devices for everything? But stay with me.

A company in California created this device called "D Free" it attaches to your stomach, and tracks what's going on in your intestines. Basically it learns your pooping habits, and monitors the rumblings in your intestines to figure out when your bowels are moving. Then it sends a warning to your phone ten minutes before you have to go.

That might not sound like a great reason to add yet another wearable device to your arsenal, but it's not really made for you. It's for people with medical conditions who have a lot of "accidents" or disabled people who need help when it's time to hit the toilet.

Still, it would be nice for anyone to have a warning, so you're not caught off-guard. Then you can make sure you have a clear shot at a clean, private bathroom.

D Free should hit crowdfunding sites in a few months, and ship before the end of the year. It'll cost around $200. No idea what the name stands for.