Winterlong is a tribute to Neil Young!  They'll be playing Ribco on Saturday

Neil Young’s music spans decades, from the beautiful folk sounds of Harvest to the sonic guitar melodies of his band Crazy Horse. Winterlong, a tribute to Neil Young explores the gamut of this folk rock icon.

From Hank to Hendrix sums up this seasoned four piece band from Dubuque, IA. We take great pride and honor in covering all of Neil Young’s music, from the country sounds of The International Harvesters, the Rock a Billy nuances of The Shocking Pinks, the folk element of Neil’s solo material, and finally the deep rock driven guitar riffs of Crazy Horse. Winterlong takes its name from Neil Young's classic song 'Winterlong.' Winterlong is Rick Eagle, Shawn Healy, Jack Nachtman and Dean Wellman. If you’re a Neil Young fan, we guarantee a great time and a heart felt adventure through the decades of Neil Young’s music.

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