Molly Straight, a three-year-old girl in Tulsa, Oklahoma, missed Halloween this year because she was in the hospital for a month with pneumonia. She went in around the middle of October, and ended up having multiple surgeries.

The good news is she's okay now. She was pretty upset that she missed trick-or-treating. She just turned three, and it was her first time. After she got home, her mom went on Facebook to ask if any of their neighbors would be willing to hand out candy again if they came by. About sixty of them said they were in.

Now almost a month after Halloween, she got to go door-to-door in her Rapunzel costume. Her mom says their neighbors went all out for it. Some of them put their Halloween decorations back up, and a few even wore their costumes to answer the door. Since Molly was the only kid asking for candy, she cleaned up.