Today was a dark and somber day for the world of Rock & Roll ... It's a heartbreaker that we lost David Bowie at age 69, 2 days after he just released a new album on his birthday!   There are so many excellent memories of him through the years that it makes the news just all the more painful.   I know it can't take away all the sadness, but  I'm gonna share a forgotten memory of this date back in the year 2000.

Sharon Osbourne resigned today as the manager of the Smashing Pumpkins for what she called "medical reasons".  She said "Billy Corgan was making me sick!"   She was able to deal with Ozzy for 21 years, but her tolerance for Billy lasted only 4 months!  Pretty funny statement from her, way before we knew much about her personality.

Hope it made you smile ....

Charley Gallay, Getty Images