Everybody likes to compare themselves to the "average person." That mythological person that we don't really think very highly of.


A new study asks who thinks they're nicer than the "average person." A staggering 98% of people surveyed thought they were nicer, that's statistical impossibility.

As you can probably guess, thinking you're a nice person does not necessarily correlate with you being nice. But people who thought they were nicer tended to make more money and were happier in general.

The most common "nice" things that we generally do are things like giving directions, holding doors, or giving up seats on public transit.

63% of the people in the survey also said the regularly donate their time or money to charity. Only 22% said that they would help a friend move.

People do have their limits though. We'll stop being so nice when people are rude, we lose something important, or we get bad service somewhere.

Read all the details of the survey at Daily Mail.

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