In all our conversations about ads during the 'Big Game' this morning, a few slipped by unnoticed, due in part to having been previewed before Sunday.  The Seinfeld ad was a disappointment, but that's really just a testament to how good the 90's comedy still is today.  So good it couldn't be re-created.

I wanted so much for the 'America the Beautiful' commercial to be good, but I think it slightly missed the mark set by that same company's "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" campaign.  Here's the perfect concept for Sundays commercial.  Have the same "Americans of all nationalities" concept, but have them singing in English, no matter how broken, to hammer home the shoulder-to-shoulder melting pot concept, without offending everyone who put on a uniform to keep America free.  I think that's why it met with lukewarm response.

We all came here to achieve something better than we had in our previous home countries.  Even those of us born here have a family dream to live up to.  Maybe that's an impossible message to try and send in :60.  But I love the concept just the same.