Nancy Reagan was known in Hollywood as an actress who, according to her biography, "...was typecast in minor roles such as the "loyal housewife" or the "steady woman." While it didn't electrify audiences or directors, she did capture the interest of one leading man.

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She met Ronald Reagan when he was President of the Screen Actors Guild, in an attempt to remove her appearance on the "blacklist" of actors considered to have Communist ties. Her name, Nancy Davis, did appear in the famous list, but is was a different actress with the same name. The two grew ever closer, and she became his "Steady woman."

However steady she was then, she was even more so as First Lady. Her "Just Say No" to drugs campaign found a sympathetic ear in some educators and thought to be too simplistic by others. But as a cause she championed as First Lady--she created an open forum about drug abuse the likes of which had never been seen before. She continued her most important role, that of her husbands' caretaker, when an assassination attempt left him wounded. She then made it her business to know every aspect of his schedule, and famously consulted astrological and psychic assistance to give him the best results. She cared for him still after he left the White House, and his health began to decline.

Nancy Reagan, a true "Steady Woman."

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