Yesterday my family, at suppertime coincidentally, watched in surprise/horror/amusement as our cat Rosie played with a dead bird; throwing it up in the air, chasing after it, and biting it's lifeless little bird body.

Really helped the lasagna go down smooth.

I had never watched a cat eat a bird before....or a mouse or anything other than Meow Mix.  So, I was slightly caught off guard when the whole damn bird was swallowed whole.  My wife must've been caught off guard too, but she didn't have that great of a view over there by the garbage can she was trying not to heave into.  It looked like that card trick magicians do where they swallow a deck of cards then spit them back out.  Except this cat wasn't about to spit out this trophy kill.

Anyway...since I didn't get a video of it, here's a fox making a sandwich.