In honor of the start of baseball season, here are musicians who had a shot at playing ball in the Majors.

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  • MC Hammer: He was actually a batboy for the Oakland A's in the '70s. It was the players who gave him the nickname "Hammer", because they thought he looked like Hank Aaron. When he was older he got a tryout with the San Francisco Giants, but he didn't make the cut.
  • Conway Twitty: He made it all the way to semi-pro, and was even offered a contract with the Phillies. His baseball dreams ended when he was drafted to fight in the Korean War.
  • Nelly: He was being scouted by the Cardinals and the Pirates, when his rap group the St. Lunatics scored a minor hit with "Gimme What U Got", he chose music over sports.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus: He was on a baseball scholarship at Georgetown College in Kentucky, when he attended a Neil Diamond concert. He was so inspired that he dropped out of school and started a band.
  • Ronnie Van Zant and Gary Rossington from Lynyrd Skynyrd: They both had dreams of playing pro ball, Ronnie even made it to a step below Double-A ball. The rock thing seemed to work out better for them.

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