Are you an audio file who has thousands of albums gathering dust in your basement?  I have about 5000, give or take a few lost gems.  Some are collectable I tell myself, others just have sentimental value.  But I hang on to all of them, even though I rarely dig out the equipment required to play them.  Then I discovered something that lets me hear every great song I ever owned, and them some.  It's not downloading, so there's no money involved.  And there's no RIAA suing your pants off for listening to your favorite tunes.  One word:  Grooveshark.

Go to and type in your favorite dusty song, or new thang your kids are jamming at their vodka-tummies parties.  It's there. Search a few more, then a few more, and pretty soon you are re-living that party in your mom's basement where you got your first kiss while Carrie Ann was crackling on the stack of 45's…  You're welcome.