It used to be common to give babies a little booze to calm them down. Not today though.

28-year-old Lori Sheppard of Mt. Holly, Arkansas has a 10-month-old son who's teething. She couldn't get him to stop crying. She called her mother for help and her mom suggested rubbing a little whiskey on his gums.

Lori apparently misinterpreted that advice, because she filled the kid's bottle up with bourbon, and fed it to him. Then she put him in his playpen and stepped out for a little while. When she got back, he was limp. So she called 911.

The child was rushed to the hospital, where his blood-alcohol level was .19. It took several days of treatment before he recovered, and he was released to child welfare workers. Lori was arrested for felony child endangerment and aggravated assault.

(Union County Sheriff’s Office)

In her mugshot, she's wearing a shirt that says "A Nicer Way to Say You're an Idiot!" with a bunch of classic slogans on it like "The lights are on but no one's home" and "One taco short of a combo plate."

(Union County Sheriff’s Office)

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