This woman made her kids French toast for breakfast, but don't nominate her for mom of the year quite yet. A woman in Kansas City, Kansas was making breakfast for her three kids last week, and used vanilla extract in her French toast mix.

After they started eating, she realized the bottle didn't actually contain vanilla extract, it was filled with PCP.

She claims an ex-boyfriend of hers was a big druggie, and must have put it in there. Apparently it is somewhat common for drug users to keep PCP in vanilla extract bottles. The glass is brown, so you can't tell what's in it.

In this case, that could have been deadly. One of her kids is 16, the other two are both under the age of one, and all three of them ended up in the hospital. Luckily they're okay.

The mom also had to be treated at the hospital, which makes her story about the ex-boyfriend a little more believable. The cops are still looking into it to make sure she didn't do it on purpose.

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