James Givens, a police officer in Cincinnati, was in his squad car on Monday, when a female goose started pecking at his door.

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Then it started walking away. But James says it stopped and looked back at him like it wanted him to follow it. We're not sure how he knew that, apparently James is like the 'Beastmaster' or something?

Anyway, he followed the goose down to a nearby creek, it turned out it was trying to get his attention. One of its baby geese was in trouble, 'goslings' if you want to get all technical.

There were about a dozen baby geese running around, and one of them was tangled in a piece of string attached to a Mother's Day balloon. James filmed it on his phone while another cop, Cecilia Charron, got it untangled. He says the mother just stood there and watched, she must have known they weren't going to hurt it.

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