Now, there's nothing wrong with trying to beat the summer heat by taking a dip in a river. But I think the line is drawn well before throwing your four-year-old off a bridge.

Kaylub Fawley of Montesano, Washington caught this scene on video. He and some friends were out swimming on the Wynoochee River, something they've done for years and have even jumped from the rail bridge that's shown.

“We’ve been jumping for so long, we know how to do it without getting hurt. But we also know the consequences. You have to be careful.” He told The Washington Post. “I looked up and was like, ‘Whoa, there’s a kid up there’ — I immediately started recording. This guy just threw the kid right off the bridge, and he smacked down right on his neck.”

Fawley continues, “As soon as that kid hit the water, he went straight down and straight back up. He was just screaming the whole time.”

Witnesses to the scene reported it to police and also confronted the mother of the child. She responded with "He’s my kid, and it’s none of your business." A responding officer watched the video several times while the boy was treated in an ambulance and released.

A local prosecutor is still deciding whether to charge the mother with child endangerment or not. The boyfriend of the woman is also under investigation.

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