Mark and Cindy Hill are a couple outside Kansas City, Missouri and they might be the coolest lottery winners ever.

Missouri Lottery

Back in 2012, they hit the Powerball for $587 million, took the lump sum of $137 million after taxes, and claimed they wouldn't let the money change them. And it looks like they meant it.

They've traveled a little bit since then, bought a few cars, and built a bigger house. But they still live in the same small town. Most of the major things they've done have been for other people.

Before they won, they already had three kids, including a girl they adopted from China. They've adopted two more kids since then. They also donated to a bunch of charities, paid for a new baseball field in Mark's hometown, and put $50,000 toward a sewage treatment plant.

Their newest project is a brand new fire station that's set to open next month. It'll house the town's fire trucks and ambulances, and it'll be the first time the area has had an ambulance service that's manned 24 hours a day.

Mark says the fire department saved his father's life twice, so he wanted to pay them back.

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