Conversations about money have a tendency to get uncomfortable fast. "Money" magazine put together a list of the 10 money moments that are super awkward for everyone. Check 'em out.

Joe Raedle / Newsmakers
  1. Asking your boss for a raise.
  2. Deciding who pays the check on a first date.
  3. Forgetting your wallet on a date.
  4. When your credit card gets declined.
  5. Talking about finances before you get married.
  6. Dealing with a roommate who owes rent.
  7. Reminding someone you loaned money to that they haven't paid you back.
  8. Asking your parents for help with bills when you're an adult.
  9. Explaining an overdraft fee to your significant other.
  10. Not having cash when you need to tip, like at the valet.

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