At our house, the day started with my wife announcing that there was no school today.  She said the school was "...closed because someone ran their truck in to the building..."  and my 11-year old daughter was SOOOO happy that she starting singing and dancing and planning her new day.  Then it came .... "APRIL FOOLS" !!!   It was like watching a crash in slow motion .... "mom you're so mean !!  I can't believe you would do that...!!"     O-M-G

I didn't see it comin' either, but there was definitely no laughter.  Not for the rest of the morning!   This was a pretty small one, but I gotta wonder ... you ever had an April Fools joke really hurt?  Mom got us good today, but now I'm thinkin' I may make a change and avoid future pranks for good.  We'll see.