A bank robber in Florida was foiled by MMA instructor Eric Haritakis also known as The Ginja Ninja. Michael Neubecker tried to escape after robbing a bank in Pinellas County but was tackled and hogtied.

"I see the guy bringing a guy back with his hands behind his back and almost carrying him," said Kristin Drexler, an employee at UPS. "I was just amazed at how down-to-earth [Haritakis] was. He was just so nonchalant about the fact that he just chased down a bank robber."

Haritakis held Neubecker on the ground until police arrived. He described 'hog-tying' the man in order to hold him still.

"I asked the UPS people if they had zip ties. They didn't have zip ties, but the place next door had duct tape," said Hartikas.

What he did not realize in the moment was that a serial bank robber, armed and dangerous, had hit at least eight banks from Pinellas to Pasco County over the last few months.

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