Paul Kitterman, who had gone missing halfway through last weeks Broncos-Chargers game, has been found and is back with his family. Kitterman ended up in a town over 100 miles away from Denver.   He told police he'd "had his fill of football" and started walking.

From KOAA:

Pueblo Police tell News 5 that Paul Kitterman was surprised at the media attention surrounding his missing persons case. He said he had not seen any television since he left the Denver Broncos football game on Thursday.

Pueblo Police Sgt. Frank Ortega said that Kitterman told officers he had hitchhiked and walked from Denver to Pueblo because he "had his fill of football" last Thursday.

Ortega spoke with News 5 early Wednesday morning detailing how the events unfolded Tuesday evening.

Ortega said a family friend, not an ex-spouse, contacted police concerning Kitterman's whereabouts. The friend told police that Kitterman had been dropped off at a hotel.

Shortly after, officers were called to the Kmart parking lot after a concerned citizen (and owner of a local furniture store) spotted Kitterman. Ortega said that officers gave Kitterman a cell phone to use to call his family. Then, they made arrangements for him to stay in a hotel room, as he appeared tired and in need of rest.