We hear about kids being obsessed with the game "Fortnite" so often that it's easy to forget that plenty of adults are hopelessly addicted too.

45-year-old Michael Aliperti was playing "Fortnite" in his home in Huntington, New York when he lost to an 11-year-old. He didn't take to losing well at all. Aliperti threatened to kill the kid, in one message he even said he would shoot him, "possibly at his school."

The 11-year-old told his parents and they got the cops involved. About five hours later, Aliperti was arrested for second-degree aggravated harassment and acting in a manner to injure a child.

He pleaded not guilty. His attorney says that it wasn't a real threat and that "salty language is a two-way street and it's normal behavior in the gaming community."

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