As Michael Moore goes through a divorce with his wife, Glynn, it's coming out that he's actually a pretty big hypocrite. Instead of living like the 99% that he "defends," Moore and his wife are squabbling over 9 different million dollar homes.

Here's the document and descriptions from The Smoking Gun:

Moore has reported that he intends to call Hollywood super agent Ari Emanuel as an “expert witness.”

Glynn’s witness list includes experts who will testify about the value of Moore’s web site as well as the director’s “celebrity status and continued ability to earn an income.”

Included among the nearly 300 items on Moore’s trial exhibit list are six stories published in 2011 about the Torch Lake compound.

In a sworn affidavit, Moore reported that, in 2011, Glynn “discussed with me problems she was having with the money she was spending (which caused us some serious financial losses).”

In a series of demands for discovery material, Moore has sought a wide variety of documents from Glynn, including a “list of all vacations/travel from January 1, 2009 include the location, duration and all companions” and a “list, with photographs, of all quilts in your possession whether purchased, gifted, loaned or produced by you.”

Moore has also demanded Glynn to disclose whether, during the course of their marriage, she had ever hired a private investigator to “follow, record, photograph” him.

In another filing, Glynn noted that--in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre--Moore had been offered financing for an anti-gun film. In an e-mail sent three days after the December 2012 shooting, producer Michael Donovan wrote that he was “personally prepared to finance a film” by Moore about the Newtown, Connecticut killings.