26-year-old Heather Krueger was diagnosed with stage four liver disease back in 2014. It's not clear what caused it, but she might have an autoimmune disorder.

About a year ago, her doctors told her she only had two months to live if she didn't get a transplant. Luckily her cousin was talking about it at work, when a co-worker overheard.

He's a 37-year-old former Marine named Chris Dempsey and he'd never even met Heather. He said he wanted to help anyway. So he got tested, and the first time they talked was when he called to tell her he was a match. He donated just over half of his liver to her last March, and both of their livers have completely regenerated already.

They also started dating around the same time. Heather changed her status on Facebook to "in a relationship" back on March 28th, and last month, Chris proposed. They're getting married this October.