Earlier today it was reported that a child at Williams Intermediate in Davenport had sprayed pepper spray in the cafeteria as a prank for April Fool's Day. Turns out it wasn't for April Fool's rather it was just a couple kids screwing around.

During the last lunch period a couple of kids sprayed the pepper spray on the floor of the cafeteria causing several other children to have bad reactions to the spray. More than 25 kids were sent to 3 different local hospitals with several more taken home. Of the kids taken to the hospital most were released by 3:00.

How do we combat this kind of poor judgement? Pointing fingers won't get us anywhere. In the words of Goose, "What is going on?"


Williams Intermediate released this statement:

At approximately 12:20 p.m. today pepper spray was sprayed on the ground in
the Cafeteria. It was the last lunch period of the day. School Administrators called 911.
Davenport Police, Fire Department, and EMS responded quickly. The District also
brought in School Nurses to assist.

Some students experienced reactions from the spray. Students with known
breathing problems were evaluated immediately. 26 students were transported to the
hospital by ambulance. Some students contacted their parents requesting to be picked
up. They were released to their parent or guardian after being signed out.

Prior to 6th Period, students were encouraged to contact their parent or guardian
to be picked up or let them know they were safe. School was dismissed at the regular
time. School nurses remained on site to ensure care for students in case of delayed

The safety of our students is always our first priority. If you have any additional
questions contact Principal Garet Egel at (563)391-6550.

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