It's hard to find something we can all agree on these days, so let's hear it for this guy, he's bringing us together.

Lonnie Turner of Houston recently went on Facebook to complain about how his wife can't seem to get along with his mistress. He posted side-by-side photos of them, and said, "These two better learn to get along."

When someone called him out in the comments section, he said both women had crappy lives before they met him, and probably don't want to go back to eating, "leftover taco meat and soup."

A few other people asked if his wife is cool with it and whether she's allowed to see other guys. Obviously she's not cool with it if they don't get along, right? And even if she was, did the guy really need to post their photos?

Some people think it might be a joke, but he defended himself from the comments, and his profile has been active for two years. He also has lots of photos, including pictures of his two kids.

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