Good news! The guy with the largest junk in the world turned out to be a liar, which means the title is up for grabs. Maybe it should even go to you. I mean, not you specifically, no offense. But "you" meaning "somebody out there."

54-year-old Robert Esquivel Cabrera from Saltillo, Mexico has been Internet famous for the past few years thanks to his massive junk. He claimed it was 18.9 inches, and was so big that it made it impossible for him to work.

He recently went to a new radiologist named Dr. Jesus Pablo Gil Muro to examine it. And Dr. Muro says the reports of the size have been greatly exaggerated.

His CT scan showed that Robert's junk is really only about seven inches, which is above average but not record breaking. So where do the other 12 inches come from? Foreskin. The dude is almost all foreskin.

That makes sense, since Robert says he made his junk bigger when he was a kid by attaching weights to it to stretch it. Great plan, sounds like it's all worked out perfectly.

Read more at The Sun.

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