In Madrid on Sunday some joker in a Ferrari is zipping through the streets, looking all Fast and Furious, when he loses control and smashes into a Dumpster, totaling the $500,000 penis-extension.

The similarities between this guy and our own Klinger are quite stunning.  Here's one:  He walks away from the crash, and abandons the vehicle.  Just like Klinger.  And he owns a $500.000 Italian sports car, just like….well…did I mention he abandoned the vehicle?

The police finally caught up with the guy and asked if he may have been drinking at the time of the accident, to which he replied, "ME? No."  Well, case closed I guess.  He told police he left the scene because he was disoriented, and didn't want the car anymore.  You have to be really, really disoriented to not want a Ferrari...

Here's where I go to see more smashed up cool cars: It's called Wrecked Exotics. Take a look.