A 45-year-old guy named Leverett Johnson walked in to a 7-Eleven in Pittsburgh Saturday night, pulled out a gun, and demanded some money.

Unfortunately for him, the cashier that night was Eric Sydnor. He's a Golden Gloves boxing champion and he's currently training to try out for the U.S. Olympic boxing team.

To make ends meet while he trains, he works at a 7-Eleven. And he was working on Saturday night.

Clearly, Leverett didn't realize who he was dealing with because Eric's training immediately kicked in and he BEAT THE HELL out of Leverett.

Leverett is still in the hospital recovering from the beating, once he's out, he'll be facing charges of robbery, aggravated assault, and criminal mischief.

As for Eric, he says Leverett bit one of his hands, he's hoping it doesn't affect his training.