Back in October of 2015, Robert Sharkey noticed his 68-year-old neighbor's mail was piling up in Bangor, Wales. So the 24-year-old went to check on her.

After busting down the woman's door, Sharkey found that she had died in side of her apartment months prior. Instead of calling the cops, like any normal person would have done, he decided to start using her debit card.

For two years he used it everyday in the exact same way: To order a medium pizza with anchovies from Domino's.

Along with the daily pizzas, he also used her card to pay for his cell phone, some bills, and to keep her power on so no one would realize she was dead. Sharkey stole about $15,000, over half of it was used exclusively to pay for pizza.

He was busted earlier this year and was just convicted of 11 counts of fraud and for failing to report that the woman had died.

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