This dude certainly came up with a marketable hook for his diet. Devin Cunningham from Bellevue, Washington has lost weight and gotten ripped this year and he's eating Chipotle every single day for an entire year.

Devin Cunningham

He got going last July, so he's only got about a month and a half to go. He started by eating a ton of Chipotle every day, and gained 16 pounds, he went from 156 pounds to 172. Ever since then he's been eating a lot less, and now he's down to 146 with a six-pack.

It's not like he's eating two giant burritos. He only gets one burrito bowl and eats portions of it throughout the day. He also has other food, but he's definitely eaten Chipotle at least once every single day.

He wasn't really overweight to start with, he says he did it to prove that the best way to diet is with moderation. Plus, he REALLY likes Chipotle.

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