52-year-old Alan Martin is a pastor in Burlington, North Carolina and he was in the news three years ago after he really took advantage of Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass.

If you haven't heard of that, it's a promotion Olive Garden runs every year where you can get unlimited food for eight weeks for $100. Back in 2014, Alan got a pass and he ate every single lunch and dinner there for all eight weeks.

Olive Garden
Olive Garden

Well, Alan got his hands on a pasta pass again this year. This time, he set an even more extreme goal: He didn't just want to eat at Olive Garden for every single meal, he wanted to lose weight doing it.

He came up with some ideas for how he'd pull that off, like filling up on the unlimited salad, just eating the toppings off the pasta like chicken, not having sweet tea with his meals, and only eating one breadstick.

After eight weeks he lost five pounds. He's down to 217 from 222.

Now, that doesn't sound like very much weight. But since anyone else who ate Olive Garden for eight straight weeks would almost certainly gain weight, it's pretty impressive.

Plus, if he kept going at this rate, he'd drop 32 pounds in a year.

Read more at Wall Street Journal.

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