This guy is in a lot of legal trouble, but I'm thinking he's in way bigger trouble with his wife.

29-year-old Andrew Hartman got into a car crash earlier this month in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He failed some sobriety tests on the scene, so he was arrested for DUI, and when the cops searched his car, they found a bag of fake pee.

When they asked him to explain it, he blamed it on his wife's fetish. He told the cops that he and his wife like to, "role play," and I guess fake bodily fluids come into that.

So the cops went to his wife and asked her, and she denied having any sort of pee fetish, real or fake. She said Andrew had the pee because he was planning to use it to beat a drug test at work.

So now Andrew's wife is mad at him, I'm sure his job is going to fire him, and he's facing a charge of drunk driving with property damage.

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