24-year-old Patrick Rempe got high on the drug flakka Monday night, and decided he wanted to visit his friends at a jail in Vero Beach, Florida.

It was one in the morning, but that's not a problem when you're hyper-stimulated, paranoid, and hallucinating. Also, Florida. Instead of waiting for visiting hours to start, Patrick rammed his car into the front door.

The glass shattered, but the actual door held. He started revving his engine and peeling out, trying to break through. When that didn't work, he backed up and tried to plow through the fence. That didn't get him in either. So he got out of his car, started climbing the fence, and got caught in the razor wire at the top.

Indian River County Sheriff's Office

He's facing charges for driving under the influence, leaving the scene of a crash, and three counts of felony criminal mischief. He also tried to fight the cops when they got him down, because he's facing charges for aggravated assault and battery.

Indian River County Sheriff's Office

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