36-year-old Dante Rashad Anderson walked into an Arby's in Oklahoma City on Friday, with an important announcement. He told the employees he'd come from the future and he needed some food to take back with him.

Translation: There are no Arby's in the future. So I'll just say it. If, in the future, we'll be living in a world without Arby's, then I want off this ride.


Anyway, Dante grabbed a handful of bacon and chicken, and walked out. He also broke a glass door on the way out, and started kicking cars while he crossed the street and ate his bacon.

He was arrested on several charges, including robbery by force or fear and destruction of property. The police aren't sure if he was high, drunk, or just had some kind of mental breakdown. Are they not considering he was telling the truth?

Oklahoma County Jail

By the way, Dante said he was only from four years in the future. If Arby's goes bankrupt and vanishes Blockbuster style by 2020, we should revisit this moment and apologize to Dante.

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