32-year-old Nina Saria in Atlantic City was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder last year, and she's suffering from kidney failure. She's been on a waiting list for a new kidney for about a year.

She was running out of options a few months ago. So Kay, her husband, decided to look for a donor on Craigslist. Except he accidentally posted the ad in the section for construction supplies. The chance of someone seeing it was even lower.

Luckily 39-year-old contractor Glenn Calderbank was looking for supplies when he happened to see it. He got in touch and asked to meet them, then decided to donate one of his kidneys.

He says he almost never uses his computer unless he's looking for construction supplies. So he thinks he was meant to see that ad. And for some reason, he immediately had a feeling he and Nina would be a match, which they were.

Everything worked out, and the transplant is happening tomorrow.

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