New Jersey was named after an island in the English Channel called Jersey. And if you didn't know that, don't feel too bad because you're not the only one.

26-year-old Joe Hill in Massachusetts joined a Facebook group a while back called "Good or Bad Jersey Businesses." He thought it was about places in New Jersey. Then he realized it was about the island, and made fun of himself in a post.

Well, everyone else in the group who saw it actually lives there, and they thought the whole misunderstanding was hilarious. One of those people liked it so much, he started a GoFundMe page to fly Joe and his girlfriend to Europe, so they could come visit.

People on the island donated over $1,600 in less than a week. Joe and his girlfriend Amanda went over about two weeks ago for a free vacation. They didn't just get the tickets for free. They also got a free hotel room, didn't pay for a single drink while they were there, and got three free meals a day for a week.

Joe says the whole thing probably would have cost them $15,000. Now he's talking the place up to everyone he knows. Even though it wasn't intentional, the island's tourism industry is getting some pretty good publicity out of it.

Read more at Boston Globe.

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