I just don't understand people who steal food by shoving it down their pants. What you've got down there is not a delicious seasoning.

Jesse Gordon went to Walmart in Aiken, South Carolina earlier this week and started shoving bacon-wrapped scallops down his pants. A security guard caught him and called the police.

Jesse took the scallops out of his pants and told them they had it all wrong: He hadn't stolen them, he'd gotten them from some, "meth heads" staying at a motel and was trying to return them for a refund.

The cops were pretty sure Jesse was actually running a scam where he'd steal stuff and return it for gift cards, and they found four $100 Walmart gift cards on him. He was arrested for shoplifting. We're assuming the pants scallops weren't put back on the shelves.

Aiken County Sheriff's Office

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