A dispute between two neighbors in Dummonds, Tennessee escalated to the point where one man took a backhoe to the other's house.

Tipton County Sheriff's deputies received calls last Friday regarding a neighbor shooting his gun into the woods. Deputies spoke with 48-year-old John Higdon who said that people were hiding in the woods wearing ghillie suits. He told deputies that he fired shots at them.

The deputies found nobody in the woods and left. After they got another shots fired call, they returned and arrested Higdon for reckless endangerment. A week earlier, Higdon told deputies that people were shining lights into his home. He believed that those people were his neighbor's employees.

The day after Higdon's arrest, neighbor's called the Sheriff's Office again to say that a large piece of orange equipment was bulldozing Higdon's house. Deputies went back to the area and found Higdon's house destroyed and an orange backhoe at a neighbor's home.

57-year-old Edgar Dallas McLellan was then arrested for aggravated criminal trespassing and felony vandalism.

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