Steven Schneider walked into a ghost town when he got to his gate at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport. "I was so nervous. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I missed my flight!"

A Delta flight attendant asked him if he would rather wait until the next day to fly home, since he'd be the only passenger on the flight. More passengers were scheduled on the original flight, they all took an earlier or later flight due to delays.

"At first I felt really bad, because I didn’t want the plane to only make the trip because of me," Schneider said. "But after talking to a flight attendant at the gate, she said the plane needed to go back to Atlanta anyway. She called this an empty leg flight."

Steven Schneider

"It was so cool," Schneider said. "One of the flight attendants told me she hadn’t seen something like this in the 17 years she was here. Everyone was just so nice."

Delta released this statement:

"We're glad this customer enjoyed a somewhat rare solo experience. Other customers were accommodated on an earlier departure. The reason we operated the flight was so this customer could have that airplane positioned back in Atlanta so it could be in place for a departure the next day."

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