43-year-old Mike Naranjo tried to rob a burger joint in New Orleans last weekend. He did the thing where you put your hand in your pocket and pretend you have a gun, which never works.

The security footage shows that he definitely had something in his pocket. So it wasn't just his finger, it was probably a pen or something. But two employees didn't fall for it. When he tried to take cash out of the register, one of them grabbed a rack from the kitchen and tried to beat him with it, while the other wrestled him to the ground.

They got a few punches in before he ran out and jumped in his truck. So they followed him. One of them grabbed a huge flower pot from the sidewalk, dumped the dirt out, and started bashing his truck with it. He eventually drove off, but police found him sitting in the truck about three hours later. They had to take him to the hospital to close some nasty cuts on his head, and he's got a huge bandage wrapped around it in his mugshot.

Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

He's facing robbery charges, and the cops think he might be responsible for some other recent robberies too.

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