25-year-old William Cornelius proposed to his 20-year-old girlfriend Sheri Moore at a Walmart in Bay City, Michigan last Wednesday.He walked in, bought a $30 ring, proposed over the loudspeaker, and she said yes.

Unfortunately, their engagement got off to a rough start pretty quick.

Right after they left Walmart, they went to a nearby mall, where William got arrested for shoplifting a bunch of sex toys from a Spencer's gift store. Including a $15 vibrator, a $6 edible thong, and a pair of "Bride-to-Be" underwear.

Someone at the store called the cops, who eventually found him sitting in the food court, where apparently he'd fallen asleep while tying his shoes. They also arrested Sheri for stealing a pair of earrings and a necklace from Walmart, right before the proposal happened. She actually tried to blame William for it, but they had her on video.

They're facing charges for larceny and retail fraud.

Bay County Sheriff's Office

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