10-year-old Thomas Hastings from Hartford, Connecticut and has muscular dystrophy. He gets around okay, but gets worn down pretty easily. So he has to be in a wheelchair about half the time.

Thomas also used to be on a little league team, but had to quit because it was too exhausting. He recently asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation if they could build a baseball field in his backyard.

He's a huge Boston Red Sox fan. So instead of a normal field, they built him a mini replica of Fenway Park. It's just big enough to play whiffle ball with his friends.

It has the same dimensions as the real Fenway Park, with foul poles, a scoreboard, stadium lighting, a press box, a bullpen in right field, and a mini Green Monster in left.

The University of Hartford baseball team donated bleachers for the outfield. And the Red Sox head groundskeeper even got a farm in New Jersey to donate the exact same sod they use at the real Fenway.

The whole thing took 34 days to build, and they held their "opening day" on Saturday. Hundreds of friends, family members, and volunteers showed up, and Thomas got to throw out the first pitch.

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